Customer Profiling

Understanding the business goals of an organisation, mapping its ‘tech eco-system’ and gaining insights into predictive buying behavior, enable our teams to advise on the most effective customer engagement strategy. Our business is about adding scientific rigour and intelligence to the sales process. Successful profiling has enabled clients to realise ROIs in excess of 15x; achieve competitive advantage and help shape CRM strategies.

  • Business Imperatives
  • Organisational goals, IT strategies
  • Mapping Infrastructure
  • Tech-eco
  • Identifying Decision Makers and Decision Making Units
  • IT spends, project budget, timeframes

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is_im4“A consultative, partnership model with the inside sales function of an organization enables us to convert what often appears to be a volume of information requests into a qualified leads pipeline that become readily accepted by the Head of Sales”

-Sanjit Singh, CEO.