The Company

iSOURCe has partnered with major global technology brands including Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, Infosys, Juniper Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle, Quest Software, SAP and Wipro among others. The company employs over 180 analysts many of whom have backgrounds in technology with graduate, post-graduate degrees or MBA qualifications.

Our services are specifically designed to support ‘inside-sales’ teams, cover a range of sales functions and generate demand to enable effective customer engagement. The company’s tech expertise ranges from enterprise software and services, storage and servers, networking and security and databases to mobile and telecommunication.

How do we work best?

Our success rate is highest when we work in close collaboration with clients. Our goal is to determine the right sales and marketing strategies required for effective prospect engagement.

Our role can vary extensively from assignment to assignment. It could, for example, be a purely project- based assignment with an end-timeline where the client only requires straight execution. Alternatively, it could be a strategic business plan with an associated quarterly revenue target. Another assignment could be a deep profiling exercise to generate data that helps determine product strategy, pricing and an acquisition policy in a situation where the client wants to launch a product or service but has insufficient market data.

As a service provider, we are able to offer scalable sales resources and solutions for clients whose in-house teams may be stretched to capacity.


is_im4“A consultative, partnership model with the inside sales function of an organization enables us to convert what often appears to be a volume of information requests into a qualified leads pipeline that become readily accepted by the Head of Sales”

-Sanjit Singh, CEO.