iSOURCe Opportunities

iSOURCe Opportunities is a qualified IT sales leads service brought to you by iSOURCe, India’s leading information technology market research firm. iSOURCe specialises in lead and demand generation, potential market definition, deep client profiling, intensive market penetration services. It also offers qualified prospect categorisation, new product and services launch support and go-to-market support etc.

The iSOURCe Opportunities service covering private sector companies provides 10 qualified sales leads, each of Rs 5 lakh or more opportunity value, every business day to IT products and services companies.

We aim to capture requirements of the corporate sector which is not bound by law to tender, and those of companies which are addressed more by re-sellers than relationship managers. We also offer a government sales leads service which provides pre-tender information about sales opportunities in government and PSU organisations.

Click here to view a sample of the private sector daily sales leads service.
Click here to view a sample of the government daily sales leads service.

Benefits of subscribing to our sales leads service:

  • Our sales leads provide the commercial intelligence to give your sales team a head start.
  • On an average, we generate leads worth several crore each week.

Our analysts scour over 40 sources of information – including newspapers, trade press, magazines and their respective web sites, stock exchange announcements, investor relations announcements, annual reports, equity research reports and stock trading web sites – every business day. They look for news about fresh and existing projects, capacity additions, expansions, diversifications and new investments announced by corporations and state entities across India.

Methodology of Qualification

First we conduct Secondary Research on each unqualified lead generated, to gather all details (investment in a project, time frame, details on existing IT infrastructure, etc) we can get from a company’s web site, its investor relations announcements, annual report, press releases, news articles, databases and other resources we have access to.

The second step involves Primary Research. We call each company planning a project or expansion or initiative to determine who the IT decision maker (ITDM) or the business decision maker (BDM) is, either for the company or for a particular project, and get his/her correct name, designation, phone number and email address.

We contact the ITDM or BDM to find out what IT hardware, software, solutions etc are needed for the new project. If necessary, we speak with other company personnel as well to collect all the information required to complete the sales lead.

Where the opportunity value for a lead is not directly available it is estimated using average market prices of the hardware/software proposed to be purchased by the company.

Our endeavour is to capture the following key information pieces for each sales lead:

  • Opportunity

– PCs

– Servers

– Laptops

– Networking solutions, including hubs, switches, routers, structured cabling, LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, call logging and monitoring solutions, predictive diallers, network integration, and network monitoring solution

– Internet/leased line/ VSAT bandwidth, including VoIP, VPN services, and managed network services

– Security solutions, including security audits, anti-virus solutions, firewalls and intrusion detection, intrusion prevention and managed security services

– ERP, including systems audits, ERP implementation services, SCM, CRM, BI, KM, PLM and other core modules

– Software, including front-end and back-end applications, databases, office suites, CAD/CAM, industry specific solutions, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS, mailing solutions etc

– Data storage, including data warehousing solutions, disaster recovery solutions, tape drives, RAID boxes, SAN, NAS, managed storage services and implementation

– UPSs, including complete power solutions

– Peripherals, including printers, scanners and faxes

– Other services, including systems integration, systems consulting, web services and annual maintenance contracts.

  • Existing IT infrastructure, including names of vendors and numbers for hardware/software, installed.
  • Names and contact details of IT decision-maker(s) and/or Business Decision Maker(s) for each lead
  • Timeframe and value of the project
  • A comment on the reason or business decision behind the project
  • A company’s industry vertical and annual sales turnover.
  • We provide subscribers only those sales leads which we can qualify in the manner explained above. Every business day, subscribers will be able to view 10 potential leads, which include immediate leads, plus one or two completed projects.
  • Each sales lead contains invaluable information on the type of project, the investment in the project, contact details of the project leader or the person heading the project or initiative, the time-frame of the project, the potential opportunity for IT companies, and comment on why a particular entity is undertaking such an exercise.

Quality of Lead

Our Analysts follow strictly enforced procedures in obtaining the information supplied in the lead. They must verify project type, value, evaluation and procurement timeframe with the IT/business decision maker of the project and not just any IT department employee. Even small details such as the spellings of the names of the contact persons as well as their phone numbers, email IDs and designations are re-checked with company personnel because those given on websites are often outdated. What is more, the team head listens to all calls made by an analyst to make a sales lead before the lead is cleared for release to subscribers. We maintain a database of all leads sent out for future reference.


The sales leads generated are divided into two groups:

Potential Opportunities: These leads are for opportunities within the next 12 months.

Completed projects: These are IT contracts that have been completed or have already been awarded, along with the details of the IT vendor(s) who secured the contract(s), contract value, and details of the hardware/software purchased.


is_im4“A consultative, partnership model with the inside sales function of an organization enables us to convert what often appears to be a volume of information requests into a qualified leads pipeline that become readily accepted by the Head of Sales”

-Sanjit Singh, CEO.