iSOURCe delivers sales accepted pipeline for global B2B technology companies in addition to customised business research, actionable sales intelligence and audience outreach services.

Lead Generation can be a complex business for technology vendors. Partnering with leading global technology brands, iSOURCe develops and deploys innovative sales strategies and solutions to support the ‘inside sales’ function. Our teams are able to leverage product propositions, generate lead pipelines and nurture new customer relationships. Over the last 10 years, iSOURCe has partnered most top 100 global technology brands in a variety of sales and research related engagements.

Why iSOURCe? The iSOURCe brand has been built on the quality of our work. We are known throughout the industry for our commitment to delivering return on investment on all our projects by achieving a high percentage of leads acceptance by our client’s sales teams. We offer competitive pricing with no hidden costs.

We incorporate Best-in-Class lead management techniques into your marketing activities – direct mail, webinars, GTM campaigns etc. – and implement time-proven successful response management strategies. iSOURCe provides detailed reports that assist clients in determining which activities are generating the most/best qualified leads and which are the most cost-effective.

Apart from our tailored solutions, we offer two daily business intelligence services – the iSOURCe Opportunities daily sales leads newsletters. Click to view samples of our newsletters covering the private and government sectors.

Since inception in 2003, iSOURCe’s staff has grown to over 180 experienced analysts and more than 30 industry-experienced managers and support staff. The company currently operates across India, South Asia and Middle East & Africa.

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is_im4“A consultative, partnership model with the inside sales function of an organization enables us to convert what often appears to be a volume of information requests into a qualified leads pipeline that become readily accepted by the Head of Sales”

– Sanjit Singh, CEO.