Cisco is a global leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. It has industry-leading products in the core areas of routing and switching as well as advanced technologies in areas such as unified communications, network security, video, virtualization and cloud computing. It sells its products primarily to large enterprises, telecommunication service providers, small businesses and consumers. Cisco Systems India serves a region that includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Customer Challenges:

  • Data received from event management companies was not in the format required for uploading into Cisco‚Äôs own internal CRM system.
  • As the data could not be uploaded properly, the CRM system could not automatically segregate the information/leads contained in the data as per the relevant account manager. Consequently, the lead/information was not reaching the relevant account manager. Consequently, follow-up on leads was suffering.
  • Customer problems mentioned in the feedback form could not be suitably addressed because the forms could not be uploaded.

iSOURCe Solution:

  • Consolidation of data received from client
  • Database cleansing including removal of junk data and de-duplication
  • Analysis of event-related feedback forms and porting details of the same into an excel sheet
  • Populating mandatory details that were missing in the database so as to make it conform to the MDUT (Marketing Data Upload Template) format required for upload. This involved validating and populating name, official email address, job title, job level, functional department, contact address, contact number, region, line of business, industry vertical. Where relevant, product requirement, lead timeframe and budget allocated were also to be verified and filled into the database format.
  • In addition to validating the data provided, the iSOURCe team also generated leads from the same. iSOURCe had to identify sales opportunities as per certain criteria. For example, leads had to be only for specified products such as networking solutions, voice and unified communications, WebEx, TelePresence, access servers, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), firewall, security management, access points, outdoor wireless, wireless LAN controllers, service exchange etc


ROI delivered by iSOURCe:

As a result of iSOURCe validating the data, populating the missing details in the database and converting the database into the format required for upload, the client experienced a huge improvement in the data uploaded. Consequently, the number of sales leads and contacts uploaded increased and the leads reached the right account managers facilitating quick follow-up. In essence, the data, which was earlier jumbled and in a semi-amorphous state, could now be analysed to yield market intelligence.

Frankly Speaking

My compliments to Dheeraj Asht at ISOURCe, and also to whoever hired his company- because they are doing a good job."

2010 Nokia Channel Partner

Happy New Year to All at iSOURCe, our trusted partner in demand generation :) ... I am delighted with the milestones we have achieved to date.... before we meet to discuss FY13, let's start off with the BRS Profiling activity,"

EMC, Director - Maketing, India & SAARC