Our client is a multinational communications and information technology provider. Mobile telephones and portable IT devices are its principal products. It also offers Internet services such as applications, games, music, media and messaging via its market platform as well as digital map information and navigation services. It has been the largest vendor of mobile phones in the world.

Customer Challenges

Client was facing a problem in identifying the actual developers out of the total registrants for its free membership program. The client wanted to get some detailed information about their existing developers including the kind of applications they were developing and the platform and technologies being used by them. Another key area which the client wanted investigated was the difficulties faced by developers in developing apps for its platform. It also wanted to increase the membership of its paid developer program by offering it to the developers identified out of the registrants for its free membership program. Further, the client wanted to increase the number of applications available on its app market platform.

iSOURCe solution

Using the list of registrants for client events and through secondary research, iSOURCe helped the client by:

  • Deep profiling mobile application development companies in Asia and the EMEA region
  • Increasing the membership of the client’s developer programs
  • Increasing the number of applications published on the client’s market platform
  • Helping the client in audience-gathering for its events and technical work-shops
  • Validating the applications of registrants for the client’s developer programs


Through iSOURCe, the client benefitted in the following ways:

  • The client received a detailed database of 4,463 mobile application development companies in Asia and the EMEA region.
  • It also received a database, generated via secondary research, of 2,337 mobile application developers from the EMEA region.
  • The number of mobile apps available on its marketplace (Nokia Store) increased significantly
  • The client successfully conducted 32 events and technical workshops with the required set of developers
  • Membership of the client’s paid developer programs went up
  • Applications on the Nokia Store published by developers from SEAP region rose by 320% over four months
  • The number of applications on the Nokia Store published by developers from India increased by 240% over four months
  • The client can now easily extract the required set of developers working on any particular technology, platform or developing any specific app from the knowledge database
  • The knowledge database also helped the client estimate the competition’s strength by comparing the number of apps available on other platforms with the availability of apps developed for its own platform
  • This exercise also helped the client indentify the pain points of the developers of applications for its platform

Growth in number of applications on the Nokia Store over four months with the help of iSOURCe

Frankly Speaking

My compliments to Dheeraj Asht at ISOURCe, and also to whoever hired his company- because they are doing a good job."

2010 Nokia Channel Partner

Happy New Year to All at iSOURCe, our trusted partner in demand generation :) ... I am delighted with the milestones we have achieved to date.... before we meet to discuss FY13, let's start off with the BRS Profiling activity,"

EMC, Director - Maketing, India & SAARC