Trend Micro (TM), a US$ 1.17 billion consolidated net sales MNC with operations in 23 countries, is among the top three in web, messaging and endpoint security product sales. It delivers innovative technologies to create simple yet sophisticated tools to protect users against known and unknown threats. Trend Micro offers a range of security solutions and services focused on Internet content security and threat management.

Customer Challenges

  • Rise in endpoint infection rates due to increase in use of IT for business and growth in mobile computing.
  • The increased costs of a major breach including notification of affected third parties, compensation claims, brand damage etc.
  • Increase in virtualisation of IT environments.
  • Customers looking for ways to save money by increasing efficiency of security management and systems management of endpoints.
  • Enterprises reassessing capabilities of their existing endpoint protection due to increase in number and scope of regulations.

iSOURCe solution

iSOURCe worked as a marketing arm of the client and helped in market expansion. Campaigns designed to overcome business challenges and the processes involved in each are as follows:

  • Building a database of target audience for marketing campaigns and lead generation from the same.
  • Region-wise lead assignment to client sales managers on a weekly basis and taking weekly feedback on leads assigned.
  • Analysis of lead feedback received from the client regional sales manager. This included tracking the number of leads closed, accepted (in funnel), pending for validation by sales team of client and rejected leads.
  • Weekly re-view call with client regional sales managers discussing the above analysis.
  • Re-validation and Re-assignment of rejected leads.
  • Mapping number of closed leads with number of leads accepted by client sales team to calculate the ROI for review and analysis of marketing campaign.
  • Providing client with weekly, monthly and quarterly reports of leads delivered to enable analysis of marketing campaign effectiveness, sales team performance and strategy planning.
  • eDM blast to prospect database built by iSOURCe.
  • eDM blast to existing customers, using client’s database, to sell upgraded and new products of the client.
  • Identifying potential channel partners and pitching the advantages of becoming distributors for the client to them.
  • Building complete profiles of client’s customers from database comprising single contact and product purchased. This included evaluating customer satisfaction.
  • Lead generation: iSOURCe profiled 3,636 companies covering IT/ITES, BFSI, manufacturing, education, healthcare etc. A total of 3075 leads were generated and assigned to the client’s sales force. The 1260 leads accepted by sales resulted in the client closing sales deals worth US$ 227,509.
  • Webinar audience generation: iSOURCe generated an audience of 1,384 spread across 24 webinars and generated 192 leads from the webinar attendees. This helped increase awareness about the client’s product apart from the sales opportunities extracted.
  • A total of 352 prospective channel partners of the client were profiled giving the client greater insight into product distribution. A number of these were later enrolled as actual channel partners by the client.
  • Helping client know their customers: Complete profiles of 2,773 customer companies were built from a single contact and product sold and customer feedback obtained arming the client with greater information about their customers to enable further sales.

Frankly Speaking

My compliments to Dheeraj Asht at ISOURCe, and also to whoever hired his company- because they are doing a good job."

2010 Nokia Channel Partner

Happy New Year to All at iSOURCe, our trusted partner in demand generation :) ... I am delighted with the milestones we have achieved to date.... before we meet to discuss FY13, let's start off with the BRS Profiling activity,"

EMC, Director - Maketing, India & SAARC